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The Supreme Court Historical Society maintains an ongoing educational outreach program designed to expand Americans' understanding of the Supreme Court, the Constitution and the judicial branch. One of the most effective methods of accomplishing this mission is by supporting teachers and students.

The Society helps fund two educational websites that are excellent resources for teachers and students of Supreme Court history:

1. Streetlaw.org is a website for teachers who are interested in being better trained to teach constitutional law.

2. Landmarkcases.org is a website offering activities for teachers and students related to key Supreme Court cases and concepts mandated by state standards.

The Society occasionally gives financial support to textbooks that further its educational mission.

1. We The Students is a textbook for high school students about cases that have come before the Supreme Court involving the rights and responsibilities of students.

2. Supreme Court Decisions and Women's Rights, Milestones to Equality is a textbook about the history of gender law cases that have come before the Supreme Court. Click here for an excerpt about the search for a standard in sex discrimination cases.

Teachers who are looking for Education Center in the classroom can find examples of Lesson Plans used by other teachers by clicking the following links:

SCHS Interest Groups ... CLICK HERE [PDF]

SCHS Nominating Federal Judges (Standards) ... CLICK HERE [PDF]

SCHS Nominating Federal Judges ... CLICK HERE [PDF]

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