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The Marshall Court, 1801-1835

The Marshall Court, 1801-1835 “My gift of John Marshall to the people of the United States was the proudest act of my life.” John Adams, President Marshall skillfully asserted the Court’s mightiest power and dignity in its first great crisis. In Congress, the lame-duck Federalists had passed a law to reduce the Court’s membership to… Read More »

Events and Features

EVENTS and FEATURES 2009: PRESIDENT ABRAHAM LINCOLN, THE CONSTITUTON AND THE SUPREME COURT May 14, 2009: Lincoln as Lawyer — James Swanson, introduced by Justice John Paul Stevens April 28, 2009: Lincoln and the Constitution—His Views of Liberty — Professor Lucas Morel, introduced by Justice Clarence Thomas April 21, 2009: Lincoln and Chief Justice Roger… Read More »

John Marshall, 1801-1835

John Marshall, 1801-1835 JOHN MARSHALL was born on September 24, 1755, in Germantown, Virginia. Following service in the Revolutionary War, he attended a course of law lectures conducted by George Wythe at the College of William and Mary and continued the private study of law until his admission to practice in 1780. Marshall was elected… Read More »

History of the Court

The History of The Supreme Court The Jay Court, 1789-1795     The Rutledge Court, 1795     The Ellsworth Court, 1796-1800     The Marshall Court, 1801-1835     The Taney Court, 1836-1864     The Chase Court, 1864-1873     The Waite Court, 1874-1888     The Fuller Court, 1888-1910     The… Read More »

Chief Justices

Chief Justices John Jay, 1789-1795 John Rutledge, 1795 Oliver Ellsworth, 1796-1800 John Marshall, 1801-1835 Roger Brooke Taney, 1836-1864 Salmon Portland Chase, 1864-1873 Morrison R. Waite, 1874-1888 Melville Weston Fuller, 1888-1910 Edward Douglas White, 1910-1921 William Howard Taft, 1921-1930 Charles Evans Hughes, 1930-1941 Harlan Fiske Stone, 1941-1946 Fred M. Vinson, 1946-1953 Earl Warren, 1953-1969 Warren E…. Read More »

History of the Court

Timeline of the Justices   Chief Justices Associate Justices Associate Justices John Jay, 1789-1795   James Wilson, 1789-1798   William Cushing, 1790-1810   John Rutledge, 1795   John Blair, Jr., 1790-1796   James Iredell, 1790-1799   Oliver Ellsworth, 1796-1800 Thomas Johnson, 1792-1793   William Paterson, 1793-1806   John Marshall, 1801-1835 Samuel Chase, 1796-1811   Bushrod… Read More »