hl_annual The 2014 Leon Silverman Lecture series will focus on the Supreme Court and the Civil War in a 4-part series. The first lecture will be held May 1st and will cover Dred Scott and the Origins of the Civil War, presented by Professor Lea VanderVelde. Invitations will be mailed to all members, reservations can be made over the phone as well. Please call 202.543.0400 for assistance. For our full events schedule please visit the Society Events page here. 
hl_natl-heritage  In conjunction with the White House Historical Association and the United States Capitol Association the 2014 National Heritage Lecture will be held May 22nd, 2014. James Swanson will deliver a lecture at the Supreme court about the 50th Anniversary of the Warren Commission and Chief Justice Warrens's role on the Commission based on his recently published book on the Kennedy assassination and its aftermath. Chief Justice Roberts has been asked to host the evening.
2013 Join the Supreme Court Historical Society and the Supreme Court Fellows Alumni Association for a lively discussion on writing judicial biographies
Presented by The Supreme Court Historical Society and The Supreme Court Fellows Alumni Association at the Supreme Court April 9th, 2014 6:00 PM, reception to follow. Reservations for this event are required. The invitation and further details can be found on our Society Events page. 
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